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Best Coffee Shop in Naples

A booming metropolis and a remarkably quaint yet upscale beach town, Naples seems to have it all truly. Located in Southwest Florida, Naples is a top destination spot for visitors and residents alike. Whether you are passing through on vacation or relocating to live in paradise daily, one thing Naples is not short on is amazing coffee.

This vast city has to offer its visitors a plethora of shopping and dining, and one can easily spot a local coffee shop tucked into a shopping mall or on the corner of a busy street. So kiss your morning grogginess goodbye while you charge up for the day with one of the best coffee shops in Naples mentioned below.

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The Top Coffee Shop in Naples

Be it your afternoon cup of Joe, your morning energy juice, or your evening energy boost, everyone has their schedule and preference when it comes to enjoying a simple cup of coffee. If you aren’t in the mood to navigate through yelp reviews or fight with google maps for “closest coffee to me,” read below to find some of the most unique and popular java shops locally.

This list of Best Coffee shops in Naples is always changing, so come back often. While we can only highlight a few of the many, you are sure to find the best coffee shop in Naples!

#1 – Bad Ass Coffee – Best Naples Coffee shop

1307 3rd St S, Naples, FL 34102


Bad Ass Coffee of Naples, I think the name says it all; need we say more? Located on 3rd St. S., Bad Ass Coffee is most known locally for its badass Hawaiian roasts. The Hawaiian roasts include the 100% Konda Brew, a crowd favorite with a medium body and bold flavor.

The shop’s atmosphere is laid back and relaxed, but there is undoubtedly the hustle and bustle of incoming and outgoing customers. After all, this is a list of the very best, of course being popular; they will be busy, further proving they are just that good!

#2 – Kunjani Craft Coffee & Gallery – Naples

780 Seagate Dr, Naples, FL 34103


Enjoy handcrafted beverages of the premier and gourmet coffee at Kunjani Craft Coffee and Gallery. Located on Seagate Drive in Naples, this spot is conveniently located to serve East Naples with some seriously unique coffee and beverages.

An easy choice for our list of the Best Coffee Shop in Naples! Kunjani roasts their beans once a week in small batches, ensuring the utmost quality and the absolute freshest taste. Carrying beans from Narrative Coffee Roasters and Black Tulip Coffee, a few fan favorites are always available.

#3 – The Brick Coffee and Bar – Naples

531 5th Ave S, Naples, FL 34102


 An easy choice for our list of the Best Coffee Shop in Naples! With one of the highest-rated and reviewed coffee shops around, The Brick Coffee and Bar never disappoints. It truly is one of the Best Coffee shops in Naples. Located on 5th Avenue South, this coffee shop falls between Bad Ass Coffee and Kunjani Craft Coffee geographically.

That means it’s an ideal spot on a tour of coffee through Naples. The Brick is commonly referenced as a comfortable spot for enjoying your coffee with a meal. However, if you happen to stay well into the afternoon hours, The Brick also serves beer and winemaking to smooth the transition from cold brew to a cold drink.

#4 – Peace Love and Little Donuts – North Naples

3106 Tamiami Trail N, Naples, FL 34103


Known for their exceptional customer service and decadent desserts, the iced coffee is truly the hidden gem of Peace Love and Little Donuts. Located on Tamiami Trail N, this spot is high on your way to work or into town.

They freeze coffee to use ice in their iced coffees to keep your beverage cool without sacrificing flavor by being watered down with traditional ice. If that isn’t going above and beyond for local coffee drinkers, what is? Offering variety and your caffeinated and sugary fix, this spot is a sure winner. An easy choice for our list of the Best Coffee Shop in Naples!

#5 – Fit and Fuel Bicycle Cafe – North Naples

819 Vanderbilt Beach Rd, Naples, FL 34108


Naples is offering options for all, including the health-conscious and physically fit. Fit and Fuel Bicycle Café is located on the popularly traveled Vanderbilt Beach Road in Naples. It is the most North of any of our locations on this list.

Fit and Fuel are admired and adored for their one-of-a-kind coffee. The taste is exquisite, and you are sure to be surprised by the number of customers who travel to taste it daily. Promoting and encouraging biking in beautiful Southwest Florida, you are sure to leave feeling inspired and energized. An easy choice for our list of the Best Coffee Shop in Naples!

Coffee – Come one come all

Everyone has their preferences when it comes to customizing their coffee. With so many options offered in 2019, it’s hard to narrow down your selections. However, with an assortment of syrups, flavors, add-ins, and toppings, everyone is sure to be able to create a cup of their dreams every time.

Some people are loyal to their coffee orders, repeating the same classic day in and out. Others venture into new blends, varieties, brands, and beverages daily. So, if you are feeling worn out from your same old cup of joe, continue reading to find a few ways you may not have thought of to mix it up.

Flavored Coffee

An assortment of flavored syrups and creamers are available to add to your coffee to change the same flavor. Some of the most popular would include vanilla or caramel. So carefully concoct your perfect balance of coffee, taste, and sugar for a creamy and dream cup of coffee.

If you have previously ventured into the coffee flavorings but didn’t develop a liking for them, there is another option. Major brands are now roasting their coffee beans with certain familiar flavors to give the coffee a new taste, which allows them to need the sugar-filled add-ins.

Dessert Coffee 

Think of coffee as a multipurpose beverage. Sure it can give you the energy you need in the morning to shake off the grog. However, coffee also works incredibly as a coffee item. Using a combination of coffee, express, or lattes, you can create something truly decadent to satisfy your sweet tooth.

Add whipped cream to the top with your favorite household chocolate syrup to create a sundae. If a sundae isn’t your style, add frothed milk to the top with caramel, cinnamon, and brown sugar to transport you into sweet satisfaction. Whichever way you choose to customize it, think outside the box. That concludes our list of the Best Coffee Shop in Naples!

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