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Best Coffee shop in Fort Myers

Best Coffee Shop in Fort Myers

As a leading city for both work and play, naturally, Fort Myers is seeding with local coffee shops for caffeine cravers to get their daily fix. From macchiatos to expresso and everything in between, the variety and diversity of blends and recipes around town are sure to keep residents and visitors on their toes.

In addition, as Fort Myers grows and expands, newBest Coffee shop in Fort Myers businesses are arising to meet consumer needs and demands, benefiting the coffee community with an abundance of options locally.

In fact, for anyone with dietary restrictions, rest assured, Fort Myers has several specialty shops sure to accommodate everyone. Also, Check out our list of the Best Brunch in Fort Myers!

The Top Coffee Shop in Fort Myers

A cup of coffee is simple enough, but where do you begin your hunt for a quality cup around town? First, skip past the chain coffee corporations and uncover some of the most delicious roasted coffee around. Then, support local businesses in our community and get down to your corner coffee shop. The list below identifies just a few of many local favorites to get you started.

#1 – Java House – Downtown Fort Myers

1617 Hendry St Suite 102, Fort Myers, FL 33901


Java House is a small town coffee shop nestled into an entire corridor of downtown Fort Myers. With a relaxed ambiance, it’s a great location to enjoy a delicious coffee customized to your liking while you catch up on some work or take some time to people watch out of their large storefront windows.

Java House is a true coffee lover’s dream offering flavorings and toppings sure to jazz up any cup of coffee. Located on Hendry Street, Java House has a perfect location for locals and visitors alike.

#2 – The House of Ride Nature – Downtown Fort Myers

2464 Second St, Fort Myers, FL 33901


Enjoy delicious blends of Narrative Coffee while taking in a piece of authentic Southwest Florida atmosphere. This gem of a coffee shop is a non-profit organization with proceeds going directly to its mission to create sustainability for its community.

Enjoy the sleek and modern décor of the House with decorative features, including some tropical colored surfboards while you sip down the delicious blends they offer. Located on Second Street in Fort Myers, the House is great to stop by after an afternoon of shopping or dining downtown.

#3 – Mon Paris Coffee Shop & Bakery Fort Myers

13550 Reflections Pkwy, Fort Myers, FL 33907


A warm cup of coffee and a delicious freshly baked French pastry at Mon Paris Coffee Shop & Bakery is almost enough to transport you to Paris.

An easy choice for our list of the Best Coffee shop in Fort Myers! The various blends and a wide variety of sweet treats will have you coming back time and time again. But, fair warning, you may head home with more pastries or crepes than intended once you taste a bite.

The best part? They partnered with Doordash enabling delivery right to your door on a rainy morning. Oh, la la! Located off Cypress Lake Drive, it’s a must-have for Fort Myers coffee.

#4 – Grind Coffee House & Roaster – South Fort Myers

14261 S Tamiami Trail, Fort Myers, FL 33912


Located in South Fort Myers, customers are welcomed in as they make the difficult decision to narrow down which handcrafted coffee drink will be theirs.

Offering breakfast and lunch menu options, the Grind is a relaxed atmosphere where you can enjoy your coffee with a meal. So load up your laptop and settle in at the Grind for a comfortably caffeinated study session.

Located on US 41 near Ben C. Pratt Pkwy makes the Grind an ideal location for Fort Myers. An easy choice for our list of the Best Coffee shop in Fort Myers!

#5 – Living Vine Organic Café Fort Myers

1400 Colonial Blvd #59, Fort Myers, FL 33907


Fort Myers has options for all, including people with special dietary restrictions or healthy options. The Living Vine offers options for gourmet coffee, sure to meet anyone’s needs. Coffees and lattes fill their menu with options to customize to every customer’s liking.

Recharge and rejuvenate with their broad menu and unique opportunities. Located on Colonial Blvd, the central location makes it easy and convenient to stop by. An easy choice for our list of the Best Coffee shop in Fort Myers!

Types of Coffee – Best Coffee shop in Fort Myers

Everyone has their preference for coffee; it’s genuinely one of the most customized products in caffeine drinkers’ day-to-day life. This is because so many different varieties, brands, blends, and preparation techniques make each cup a little different from the last.

So, if you are not a coffee drinker based on a lousy trial, I challenge you to venture back into the world of the leading beverage in America’s morning routine.

While every coffee in every style may not be the one for you, with so many variations and options to choose from, you may end up pleasantly surprised. In addition, the strength of the flavor and levels of caffeine vary from different blends.

People who prefer a lighter coffee, breakfast, or light roast would be a good fit. However, for people looking for bolder and more prominent flavor, a dark roast is going to be the winner for you.

Cold Brew on a Hot Day

Cold brew is a great and refreshing way to cool down in the Florida summer heat. It is said that the cold brew process for creating coffee makes the blend much smoother and less bitter for enjoying an iced coffee. Although, In the heat of the summer, the last thing on a person’s mind would be guzzling down a piping hot cup of coffee.

Cold-brew allows coffee drinkers to get their fix regardless of the weather temperature. The crisp taste of a cold brew blend over ice is an unmatched beverage that will cool you off and caffeine you up! Cold brew coffee has a distinctly different feeling to it. Adding your favorite flavors or inserts is sure to bring cold brew to the top of your list this summer.

Love You A Latte

Lattes can be served hot or iced, a mouth-watering combination of fresh coffee and the dairy of your choice. This is a delicious combination sure to please any coffee lover. The creamy smooth consistency of the dairy (or dairy substitute) compliments the bold and powerful flavor of the coffee to create the perfect handcrafted beverage. We hope you enjoyed our list of the Best Coffee shop in Fort Myers!

Then you can transform this cup of happiness into a decadent dessert item by adding just a few toppings, such as whipped cream and chocolate syrup. Finally, adding frothed milk to the top of a latte is an easy and special way to jazz up your drink.  That concludes our list of the Best Coffee shop in Fort Myers!

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