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Best Brunch in Fort Myers Image

Best Brunch in Fort Myers

Brunch is so much more than a meal, and it is an entire experience. While you can have brunch just about anywhere, brunch in Florida embodies the slower-paced and relaxed lifestyle of the state.Best Brunch in Fort Myers Image

Whether you are enjoying the Florida sun on vacation or making the most of your weekend at home, brunch is the perfect meal to make your day.

Brunch takes place in the late morning or early afternoon hours, giving attendees plenty of time to sleep in late. Once you awake, you find relaxed, well-rested, and, most importantly, HUNGRY.

Brunch poses an array of breakfast and lunch options that can be mixed and matched to create your ultimate A.M. feast. Enjoy our list of the Best Brunch in Fort Myers!

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The Top Brunch in Fort Myers

There are so many options when it comes to your late morning fix. Fort Myers is spewing with locally owned brunch spots spewing out hot and fresh dishes that will make your taste buds explode.

We have compiled a list of the best brunch spots and specials in the Fort Myers area. Whether you are looking for a new go-to restaurant or are new to the area and want to get acquainted. You are sure to find a place that fits your every need below.

#1 – McGregor Café

4305 McGregor Blvd

Brunch Specials: Daily 7 A.M. – 3 P.M.

Atmosphere: Casual, Relaxed, Clean, Comfortable.

Pricing: Moderate

mcgregor brunch fort myers

McGregor Café is the ultimate Brunch spot centrally located in Fort Myers off the infamous McGregor Blvd. A very easy choice for our list of the Best Brunch in Fort Myers! Enjoy the ride over as you twist and turn down McGregor lined with palms and sunshine. McGregor Café has had picked chef specials that change daily. They also have an extensive daily menu of local and crowd favorites.

Mcgregor’s offers everything from freshly made quiche to an oversized salad. They also make delicious sandwiches, double-deckers, and deserts. Offering a delightfully shaded patio, you can take in the authentic Florida experience as you enjoy some of the best food around. 


#2 – The Speckled Egg

13391 McGregor Blvd

Brunch Specials: Daily 7 A.M. to 2 P.M.

Atmosphere: Casual, Laidback, Relaxing.

Pricing: Affordable

the speckled egg brunch fort myers

The Speckled Egg is located nearby McGregor Café but spews a unique menu. The Speckled Egg has a walk-up counter where you can place your order. I. They have a large variety of wraps, breakfast platters, sandwiches, and soups.

Speckled Egg maintains high regard in the Fort Myers community. This café also has some of the best coffee around. Stop by and enjoy the authentic brunch experience.


#3 – Farmers Market Restaurant

2736 Edison Ave.

Brunch Specials: Daily 7 A.M. – 10:00 A.M.  

Atmosphere: Casual, Country, Cozy, Modest.

Pricing: Affordable

farmers market brunch specials

The Farmers Market Restaurant is a local treasure just on the outskirts of downtown. This restaurant has been established for over 65 years serving home-cooked southern meals to the community.

Serving familiar southern staples, you will not leave hungry. They offer some of the most decadent and buttery fresh biscuits you can find. Items are made fresh to order. This is not your fancy breakfast stop. The Farmers market serves Comfort Food. Fried chicken and waffles are among the most popular dishes sure to leave you coming back for more. A very easy choice for our list of the Best Brunch in Fort Myers!


#4 – The Veranda

2122 Second Street

Brunch Specials: Daily 11 A.M. – 3 P.M.

Atmosphere: Upscale, Romantic, Fancy

Pricing: High End

vernada fort myers brunch specials

The Veranda is a popular downtown spot offering an upmarket spin on southern cuisines. The Veranda claims home in an old Fort Myers mansion renovated into a beautiful, well-designed restaurant. Pick a table by the original large windows overlooking their garden courtyard patio area.

A very easy choice for our list of the Best Brunch in Fort Myers! This spot is a treat for anyone looking to celebrate an occasion or indulge in some luxury. You will truly get a taste of old Florida with the décor of the Veranda. While the location is excellent and the building is beautiful, the food steals the show. There is a special of the day picked by the chef and is dedicated to the freshness and flavor of the created dishes.

#5 – The Standard Restaurant

1520 Broadway

Brunch Specials: Daily – 11 A.M. – 2 P.M.

Atmosphere: Casual, Creative, Urban. Relaxed

Pricing: Moderate

standard fort myers brunch

The Standard Restaurant is nestled into the downtown Fort Myers river district. It is a favorite breakfast and lunch spot for the working people during the week. The food is so good, and many people return on weekends to get another taste. Home fries are a staple of the Standard Restaurant.

They also offer live music as entertainment while you dine and enjoy your experience. Specializing in American dishes, the Standard Restaurant is sure to have a meal for everyone. Everything coming out of the Standard has been made from scratch and is sure to blow you away with flavor and freshness. They also offer a variety of events and activities to fill your weekend. A very easy choice for our list of the Best Brunch in Fort Myers!


#6 – Biggy’s Place

3701 Fowler Street

Brunch Specials: Daily 6 A.M. – 2: 30 P.M.

Atmosphere: Casual, Friendly, Laid Back

Pricing: Affordable


Biggy’s Place is located just outside of downtown Fort Myers making it convenient for all. This restaurant is always busy, but you can always count on prompt service. As busy as it still is, you will never be waiting for a table.

Biggies are well organized, and staff seats and feed tables like clockwork. Once you eat, it is no wonder why biggies are nicknamed Busies. Everyone comes to partake in their favorite comfort food. They have a loyal following of locals, some of who stop in daily.


Best Brunch in Fort Myers Conclusion

After reviewing the list above, I’m sure your mouth is watering, ready to dive into some of the best Fort Myers has to offer in brunch specials. I encourage you to get out in the community and try at least a few on the list. There is not a chance you’ll leave early. So relax, enjoy the day, and eat your waffles at noon with a crisp mimosa. Speaking of Mimosas, check out our articles on the best bottomless brunches in Fort Myers as well.  

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